Portuguese Rural Network

The Portuguese Rural Network aims to connect all that is rural in Portugal and in Europe. It pursues its objectives in collaboration with the national NSU and seven regional antennas.


Rede Rural Nacional
Av. Afonso Costa, n.º 3, 7º
1949-002 Lisboa
Telephone number: 
+35 1 218 442 410
Email address: 
Contact persons: 
Maria Custódia Correia
(NRN Coordinator, NRN self-assessment/evaluation)
Ana Ribes
Paula Rocha
Francisco Mendes
Maria de S. Luís Centeno
(Innovation/EIP (representative in the subgroup Innovation))

NSU operation

The Portuguese Rural Network has defined four main objectives in line with the mandatory objectives specified in the EU Regulation. 

In order to achieve the strategic objectives, the actions and activities developed within the framework of the NRN are structured in 4 Areas of Intervention.

To increase the involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of rural development.

To improve the quality of the RDP implementation

To inform the broader public and potential beneficiaries on rural development policy and funding opportunities

To foster innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry and rural areas

4 intervention areas –
Supported by the Technical Assistance of the RDP

Running of the NSU; 
Dissemination and information in order to implement the RDP; 
Dissemination of information and facilitation of processes to monitoring and evaluation of RD policies; 
Observation on agriculture and territories. 

3 Operational objectives: 
To promote networking
To support the LEADER / DLBC approach and Innovation
To promote the sharing and dissemination of information

The NRN is not a Measure it is part of the Technical Assistance of the RDP. 

Who can join the network?
The Portuguese NRN is open to everyone. In order to apply to the operational group initiatives organisations have to become members of the NRN.
How to become a member?
There is no formal application process to become a member.
Who the members are?
The members of the Portuguese NRN come from different stakeholder groups:   
Central administration-2,9%
Regional administration- 0,8%
Private associations and foundations- 32,2%
Education and R&D – 3%
SME and natural persons – 36,8%
Other enterprises – 14,7%
LAG and other organized territories – 9,7%
How to get involved?
The involvement of all NRN members (including those at regional level) is highly important for the Portuguese NRN. This involvement has been ensured through the organisation of meetings to identify territorial needs.
The Portuguese NRN will allow members implementing projects.

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The Network Support Unit operates within the Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development (Ministry of Agriculture); 
The NRN Coordinator, nominated by the DGADR (Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural development) is in charge of the presentation of NRN actions and activity plans to the MA for approval.
The NSU communicates regularly with the MA, and the action and activity plans are discussed and approved by the 3 Mas, which are Mainland (PDR2020); Azores (PRORURAL +); Madeira (PRODERAM 2020).
Meetings under the thematic of evaluation: there is a Monitoring and Evaluation Network of PT2020 composed by several entities, among them the National Coordination Commission of the EAFRD (CCN FEADER). There is also a National Group of Coordination, the monitoring and evaluation group (NSU belongs to this one) that provides information to the CCN FEADER.
The Portuguese NRN coordinates meetings and ensures an information exchange with the MA on a series of rural development topics that are essential to the functioning of the NRN and the cooperation with the ENRD.
The NSU and the MA organise common activities (e.g. training/capacity building activities to the LAGs) and prepare jointly  the public calls for NRN projects.

The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
The NRN coordinator represents the network in the various monitoring committees of the RDPs.

In addition to the national NSU, there are 7 regional antennas (one for each Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries: 5 in the mainland and 2 in the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira.
There are regular meetings between the central NSU and the regional antenna in order to prepare, monitor and evaluate NRN activities.

The National Support Unit (NSU) has a central team of 8 staff and 1 person per regional antenna (7) 

NRN Coordinator 
The NRN Coordinator (nominated by DGADR - Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development):
promotes the elaboration of the NRN action and activity plans (and presents these to the MA for approval).
represents the network in the various monitoring committees of the RDPs.
ensures representation of the NRN in activities from ENRD, EIP-AGRI, Evaluation Helpdesk and other networks from different MS.

Coordination Council (CC)
The CC is a body that contributes to the definition of the structural priorities of the NRN action plan and monitors the implementation of the action plan (in particular through plans and activity reports), in accordance with the European and national guidelines for the Portuguese NRN.
The (CC) is comprised of the President of the National Coordination Commission of EAFRD – Department of Planning and Policies;  the coordinator of the NRN; 1 representative of each MA; 1 representative of the payment agency.
The CC meets once a year. 

Budget (€)
Total NRN public funds: 12 266 404 
Out of which national co-financing: 85%
Out of which EAFRD: 15%

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