Polish Rural Network

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The Polish Rural Network engages with local partners' initiatives looking for the best ways to support rural development. One of their mains tasks is to stimulate rural communities to undertake initiatives focussed on sustainable development and job creation.


Krajowa Sieć Obszarów Wiejskich
Agricultural Advisory Centre - 36 Rakowiecka Str
02-532 Warszawa
Telephone number: 
+48 22 2742327
Email address: 
Contact persons: 
Paweł Krzeczunowicz
(NSU Manager/ Director, NRN self-assessment/evaluation)
+48 22 2742323
Monika Miziołek
(Head of the NRN Division)
Iwona Obojska
(Head of Innovation Division)
+48 22 2742318
Agata Markuszewska
(Main Contact/LEADER/CLLD)
+48 22 2742330
Dominika Długosz-Dzierżanowska
(Best practice)
Mariusz Rutkowski
(Website & social media)

NSU operation

The Polish NRN defined four objectives in line with the mandatory objectives set by EU Regulation No 1305/2013, and a further NRN-specific objective:
Increase the participation of entities interested in the implementation of rural development initiatives
Enhance the quality of the RDP implementation 
Inform the society and potential beneficiaries about the rural development policy and financial support
Promote innovation regarding farming, food production and forestry
Activate rural area inhabitants in terms of undertaking initiatives within the scope of rural development, including creation of jobs within rural areas.

Who are the members?
The NRN is open to everybody who is interested in rural development and who wants to become a network participant. As of January 2018 there are 1895 partners in total registered in the database
How to become a member?
A questionnaire (available on the NSU website) need to be filled in and submitted by entities interested in cooperation with the NRN. Information to be provided includes:
Contact data, legal form, 
RDP priorities for 2014-2020 and themes of partners interest which would like to support under the Network, status of partner (i.e. international, national, regional or local)
Short description of activities, and information about possible cooperation with the NRN,
Clarification questions are asked by the NSU if needed. 
How to get involved?
The participation of partners in the Network is ensured by the central and regional network units, voivodship (region) working groups and the NRN working group at the national level.
The Central unit, the Regional units organise selection of the best NRN projects in the form of competitions at the national and regional levels. Only registered partners can apply for NRN funding and submit project proposals. The central and regional network units verify project proposals and evaluate them using different criteria specified 
in the NRN Action Plan for 2014-2020.

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The Managing Authority (MA) supervises all bodies within the Polish NRN structure. 
The MA can provide guidelines and recommendations, can request information and documents, and carries out inspections.
The tasks of the central network unit is financed from the TA.
The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
The role of the president of the Monitoring Committee (MC) and that of the president of the NRN Working Group are fulfilled by the same person . This ensures cooperation and information exchange between the MC and NRN/NSU.
A representative of the MC is member of the NRN Working Group.
Two members of the Monitoring Committee – CLLD Group are involved in the work of the NRN Thematic Group on LEADER approach.
The MA informs the MC at least once a year, about the progress in the implementation of information strategies including the NRN communication plan and the analysis of the results, as well as the planned information and promotion activities to be carried out on the following year.

There are 16 regional network units located in 16 voivodship (regions) self-governments. Their tasks are similar to those of the central unit, but at voivodship level.
16 voivodship permanent working groups are established at the regional level. 
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development entrusted the Agricultural Advisory Centre  (CDR) with the function of operating the central network unit.
The central and regional units cooperate each other. 

The NRN organisational structure consists of a central unit, regional units, voivodship working groups and working groups of the NRN, the Innovation Network Coordination (Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów) and Voivodship Agricultural Advisory Units

Permanent Working Groups
Permanent NRN working groups are established at both regional level (16) and national level (1). The working group at national level includes representatives of NRN regional units and bodies acting for rural development at national level (44 members). Each voivodeship working group is an advisory and consultative body in network operation at regional level.

The meeting of the central NRN Working Group is organised at least once a year.

The tasks of the  Working Groups include:
Approving the NRN action plan and the two-year NRN operational plans (and their modifications), as well as the NRN projects submitted by NRN stakeholders (see above);
Giving opinions and recommendations on reports and information prepared on the basis of an action plan ;
Ensuring exchange of thematic and analytical knowledge, as well as facilitating cooperation between the Network partners through national thematic groups.

Thematic Groups
The NRN Working Group created thematic groups (TGs) e.g. TG on LEADER approach (at present there are 48 members), TG on innovation network in agriculture and in rural areas (at present there are 44 members). The thematic groups give opinion on the NRN operational plan in line with their thematic focus.

Innovation Network in Agriculture and in Rural Area 
An Innovation Network in Agriculture and in Rural Area (SIR) was established within the NRN. The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów fulfils the function of coordination unit of the Innovation Network.  (For the specific tasks of SIR, see attachment ‘NRN governance functions’ below.) 

Total NRN public funds: € 60 000 000
Out of which national co-financing: PLN 92 525 280  
Out of which EAFRD: PLN 161 874 720

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