Maltese Rural Network

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The Maltese Rural Network aims at providing a platform for bringing together rural stakeholders to facilitate and ensure a more effective implementation of the Rural Development Programme.


Funds and Programmes Division
hamrun HMR 1325
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+356 2555 2605
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Contact persons: 
Bradley Agius
(NSU Coordinator)
+356 2555 2605

NSU operation

The 2014-2020 Maltese NRN (NRNM) will be re-launched with  a stronger identity, higher visibility, more dynamic role and a greater emphasis on effective stakeholder engagement -  including involvement of more individuals with relevant knowledge to support the implementation of the RDP.

The main NRNM objectives are: 

1. increase the involvement of stakeholders in implementing the RDP;
2. improve the quality of implementation of the RDP;
3. inform the broader public and potential beneficiaries on rural development policy and funding  opportunities;
4. foster innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry and rural areas.

Who can join the network?
Membership of the NRNM during the 2014-2020 period will remain open to public institutions, stakeholder organisations, community groups and individuals interested or involved in rural development in Malta
How to become a member?
Potential members of the network are invited to register their interest to participate in and benefit from the activities of the NRNM

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The NSU is established and will be directly managed by the Managing Authority (MA) ), so as to ensure that there is harmonisation in the work and objectives of both the NRNM, NSU and MA. Certain components of NSU tasks may be outsourced to an external service provider.
The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
A significant number of organisations represented in the NRN are also involved in the Monitoring Committee (MC) in line with article 5 of EU Reg. (1305/2013). This will further ensure that there is harmonisation between the MC and NRN. 

The table below presents the NRN governance structure:
Managing Authority
The role of the MA is to ensure the smooth and effective running of the NRNM, as well as the setting and achieving of targets as established in both the RDP and the multi-annual work plan of the NRNM. The MA shall recognise the network as an active partner and at the same time allow the NRNM the space to be creative in the formulation and implementation process. The MA shall maintain a close and administrative role to the NSU. Although Financial Management is assigned to the NSU, the MA maintains overall responsibility for sound financial management. 
National Rural Network Committee
The NRNC shall give the Strategic direction to the scope of the NRNM. It shall establish a set of Terms of Reference, endorsed by the MA, to which it shall abide. The NRNC shall approve the multi–annual work plan (MAWP), to be reviewed annually if and as necessary and shall also facilitate the implementation and evaluation of the RDP as well as NRNM specific activities
National Support Unit
The NSU will act as a liaison between the strategic partners of the NRNM i.e. the MA and the NRNC and the NRNM members, as well as ensuring the implementation of the MAWP. The NSU, with the support of an external service provider (where applicable) shall facilitate the implementation steps necessary for the rolling of the Action Plan. The NSU reports to both the MA and the NRNC, although administratively it is linked to the MA. Whilst the NRNC develops the strategic direction, the NSU will develop a set of actions aimed at reaching the said strategic direction. 

Budget (€)
Total NRN public funds: 1.100 000
Out of which national co-financing: 275 000
Out of which EAFRD: 825 000

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