Hungarian Rural Network

The Hungarian Rural Network has two primary objectives: to support the implementation and overall performance of the RDP and to increase social integration and economic development in rural areas. 


Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat
Herman Otto Institute
Park u.2. (street)
H - 1223
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+36 302 612 646
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Contact persons: 
Rita Székely
(Secretary General)
Aniko Eva Biro
(International Coordinator)

NSU operation

The Hungarian NRN defined two primary objectives:
To support the implementation and overall performance of the Hungarian Rural Development Programme (RDP) at local, regional, national and international levels.
To increase the social integration and economic development of rural areas. 

In order to achieve the primary objectives two specific objectives were also defined.
Develop and enhance communication channels for informing stakeholders
Support the exchange of experiences and stimulate dialogue among stakeholders

Who are the members?
The network’s qualitative target is to reach as many rural stakeholders as possible and deliver useful services to them. The Hungarian National Rural Network currently has over 11 000 registered partners. 

How to become a member?
Network services are available for any organisation or individual after a free online registration.
All applications are checked by the Permanent NSU Secretariat (identity is verified and included in the official public database). 

According to the relevant national regulation, the Hungarian NRN is operated by the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development Programmes within the Prime Minister’s Office.
The NSU is established within the Managing Authority and operates as an independent support unit.

The Hungarian NRN has a team of regional representatives (one for each of the 19 counties), responsible for the Network’s regional representation.
Their task is to support the implementation of the Hungarian RDP at the local level by providing valuable information about available rural development calls for proposals of the Hungarian RDP and the activities of the Hungarian NRN.
Regional representatives are required to send monthly reports that are collected and checked by the Permanent NSU Secretariat. 

This body of 9 members is responsible for the execution of NRN goals. Its tasks include:
reaching decision on NRN projects,
forming opinion on network activities, 
action plan proposals and approval of the Network’s action plan and activities.
The Presidency meetings are called by the President and organised by the Permanent NSU Secretariat.

This body of 20 members is recruited from rural development experts and representatives of organisations involved in rural development.
Their task is to help the work of the Presidency by forming official opinion on NRN activities, programmes and proposals. The Council is called at least once a year by the President.

Permanent NSU Secretariat
A team of 3 full-time employees forms the Network’s operational unit.
The NSU is responsible for the daily operation of the Network, which include:
managing network registration,
fulfilling secretary and administrative duties for the Council and the Presidency;
managing and monitoring the work of the regional representatives,
disseminating information between the Network’s bodies and rural stakeholders,
preparing the action plan,
maintaining connection with organisations involved in rural development,
managing international relations (ENRD, EIP, etc.). 

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