French Rural Network

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The French Rural Network is open to every national structure interested to join the rural network. They foster all kind of cooperation and work together to build the future of rural areas.


Unité nationale d'animation
3, rue Barbet de Jouy
75007 Paris
Telephone number: 
+33 149 555 489
Email address: 
Contact persons: 
Christine Laine
(Action plan implementation / communication)
Hanane Allali
Régis PIéchoviak
(In charge of national projects Collective mobilisation for Rural development)
Maria Cosme
(Office Manager in charge of French NRN in Ministry of agriculture)
Lucie Louessard
(Assistant office manager in charge of French NRN)

NSU operation

The French NRN adopts the four mandatory objectives and one transversal objective:
The Action plan is organised in 4 mains parts : Transversal activities, network's activities, EIP and LEADER.
Thirteen activities have been planned.
Increasing stakeholders involvement
Improving the quality of RDP implementation
Informing the broader public 
Fostering innovation
Fostering all kind of cooperation.

Who can join the network? 
The French Rural network is open to every national structure who is interested to join the rural network. Local or regional structures are invited to join their regional networks unless their activities have a national scale implementation or impact.
How to become a member? 
The French national charter has to be signed and a guideline booklet will be given to each new member (see attached document in French).

The NSU and the Managing Authority 
The FR NSU is Established within the MA with some activities outsourced or contracted to a ministerial agency or other institutions. 
The MA is running the network and supported by the Paying Agency (PA) which has a specific team in charge of assisting the NRN team (e.g. to recruit contractor and providers via tendering procedures)
The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
The NSU is represented at the Executive Committee.(EC) 
The NSU organised meetings and decisions are recorded in minutes to agree on actions implementation.
The NSU presents projects at the EC and provides information on the status of administrative matters;
The NSU also decides on projects delivery before the payment.

A National NSU with Regional NSUs
The NSU is mandatory and it is managed by the Ministry for Agriculture, which is the managing authority of the specific NRN programme, and ‘two co-pilots’:
General Commission for territorial equality (CGET) in charge of territorial capacities development. 
Régions de France that represents the regional councils as managing authorities of RDPs;
The regional NSUs are managed by regional councils which act as the managing authorities and are implemented through the technical assistance measure of each RDP (Measure 20.2) 
A national referee of the regional networks has been nominated to support the coordination. Her name is Marianne PABOEUF from the regional rural network of Brittany ( ). 
A meeting of regional rural networks is organised twice a year in Paris and an annual national meeting takes place in one of the French regions.

General Assembly 
The General Assembly is composed of all the members: 175 entities are currently members and they are organised into  six collegiums. 
The General assembly elects the representative chairs of the colleges for representation in the Rural Network Committee and provides the main strategic and thematic work orientation to the Network.
Rural Network Committee
The Rural Network Committee deals with the main rural topics and the action plan. 
Consultative Committees
Three Consultative Committees support the Rural Network Committee: on LEADER, on the EIP and on Evaluation and self-assessment;
Executive Committee
The Executive committee, composed of 3 co-pilots and the PA, decides which projects are financed.

Budget (€)
Total NRN public funds: 43 000 000
Out of which national co-financing: 9 000 000
Out of which EAFRD: 

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