Dutch Rural Network

The Dutch Rural Network's main role is to be the rural connector in a lively network by informing the broader public and the potential beneficiaries, facilitating debates among the stakeholders and fostering knowledge exchange and development.


Netwerk Platteland
Graadt van Roggenweg 500
3531 AH Utrecht
Telephone number: 
+31 (0)88 041 4501
Email address: 
Contact persons: 
Kees Anker
(General, Innovation/EIP)
Elona Moerdijk
Thamar Kok
(LEADER/CLLD, Innovation/EIP)
Henk Reinen
(NRN self-assessment/ evaluation)
Erika Frankhuizen
(Water, Nature, young farmers)

NSU operation

The Dutch NRN defined six network objectives:
Getting participants more directly involved in lively networks.
Foster knowledge exchange and knowledge development - content and process.
Improve the way rural development programmes are carried out.
Inform the public and potential beneficiaries about rural development policy and funding opportunities.
Foster innovative practices and ideas in agriculture, food production, and the rural environment.
Facilitate the debate about (the value of) rural areas.

Who are the members?
In principal the NRN network is open to everyone. 
How to join the network?
There is no selection process. 
How to get involved?
Certain sections of the website (Netwerk Platteland) are reserved for interaction/ discussion within a specific group, such as Local Action Groups. Access is possible by a motivated request to the NSU
The NRN-budget is specifically for the activities of the NSU. There is no funding available for smaller projects. 

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The Netherlands NSU is part of the Regiebureau POP, which is the executive body of the Managing Authority.
Coordination involves the Managing Authority (MA) representatives, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality and MA coordinators in the 12 provinces.

The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
The working plans and the annual reports of the NSU are submitted by the Monitoring Committee (which meets 2 times per year).

The NRN is acting on a national scale and is in charge of organising meetings, exchanges with the network members and running the website.

In addition, the NRN supports the provinces, which are responsible for the calls for different measures and their regional network . The provinces can be seen as regional antennae.

The NSU supports the Rural Network by doing the things mentioned at NRN objectives

Budget (€)
Total NRN public funds: 1 400 000
Out of which national co-financing: N/A
Out of which EAFRD: 50%

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