Czech Rural Network

The Czech Rural Network considers that appropriate and effective communication tools and sharing of inspirational examples are the most important elements for successful rural development.


Celostátní síť pro venkov
Těšnov 17
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
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+42 0 221 812 433
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Zuzana Dvořáková

NSU operation

The Czech NRN established its objectives according to the mandatory NRN objectives set by the EU Regulation.

  • increase the involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of rural development
  • improve the quality of the implementation of rural development programmes
  • inform the broader public and potential beneficiaries on rural development policy and funding opportunities
  • foster innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry and rural areas

Who can join the network?
Since the beginning of the operation of the NRN, the membership is fully open to all rural stakeholders. There is no selection process, only filling in the questionnaire/registration form is compulsory. 
Who are the members?
We can distinguish two categories of members: national level members (52 until May 2016) and regional level members (581 until May 2016). These categories are recorded only for statistic reasons. 
How to get involved?
All members are obliged  to suggest an activity to an annual plan of activities of the NRN. NRN members themselves are running special projects on specific topics according to the activities of the annual plan of activities of the NRN.

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The NRN is based in the Ministry of Agriculture, in the Managing Authority Department.
Some activities are outsourced to a ministerial agency.
The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
Activities of the NRN and its outputs are presented and assessed (as a part of the ‘Information and Publicity Strategy’ of the RDP) twice a year by members of the Monitoring Committee of the RDP. 

Regional NSUs are based within the regional Paying Agency offices.
The NRN has 7 regional NSU coordinators.
Regional NSUs are coordinated by 2 national coordinators. The national level NSU has an advisory role. To have an overview, the regional level informs the national level about all of its activities.
At the beginning of the new programming period (in 2015 and before), several meetings were organised by the national NSU for the regional coordinators. There are also ad hoc meetings of coordinators at both levels. Regular meetings of coordinators with partners are held at regional level. 

The Managing Authority
The Managing Authority of the NRN (Department of Managing Authority of RDP, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic) is ensuring decision-making and control functions.
Monitoring Committee
Activities of the NRN and its current outputs are presented  and assessed twice a year by members of the Monitoring Committee of the RDP (including farmers unions, NGO’s, etc.)
NRN Coordination Committee

  • 14 members, composed of representatives of partners such as governmental and non-governmental organizations,
  • Has an advisory function,
  • Gives feedback on the ‘annual plan of activities of the NRN’ to include main priorities of different rural stakeholders.

Budget (€)
Total NRN public funds: 6.000.000
Out of which national co-financing: n/a
Out of which EAFRD: 2.970.000

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