Cyprus Rural Network

The Cyprus NRN wants to highlight the benefits of networking for rural stakeholders; its main objectives are to increase participation, improve the quality of the rural development policy and increase awareness on the programme opportunities. 


Εθνικό Αγροτικό Δίκτυο
Department of National Rural Network ,Louki Akrita Avenue
1412 Lefkosia (Nicosia)
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0035722408667 / 22408652
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Efi Charalambous Snow
(General, NSU Management, Communication, LEADER/CLLD, Innovation/EIP & Social farming,NRN self-assessment/ evaluation)
Artemis Antoniades
(NSU Management)
Evangelia Thrasyvoulou
(Communication, Innovation/EIP & Social farming, NRN self-assessment/ evaluation)
Eleni Mytilineou

NSU operation

Cyprus Rural Development Programme adopts three out of four mandatory objectives and nine specific objectives:
To increase participation in the effort for rural development
To improve the quality of the rural development policy
To increase the awareness and knowledge on the benefits of rural development policy
Specific objectives
Operate the NRN as a platform for collecting and disseminating information and technical knowledge for promoting rural development.
Identification, analysis and dissemination of transferable good practices.
Successful operation of the NRN
Preparation of programmes for training and supporting Local Action Groups (LAGs)
Promotion of Trans-national and Inter-Territorial Cooperation.
Promotion and Publication of the NRN Programme
 Participation to the ENRD
Contribution to the evaluation of the RDP 2014-2020
Participation of the NRN in the EIP-AGRI Network

Who can join the network?
The NRN is open to all rural stakeholders, organisations only and not to individuals.  All representatives of institutions and organisations in both the private and public sector with an interest in rural development in Cyprus can participate. The membership is an ongoing membership.
How to become a member
There is an application process. The members complete an application form and they submit it to the NSU.
How to get involved
Members are divided into thematic groups. Each thematic group fills up an application form. Their request is examined by a committee. Several projects are selected for implementation each year. The projects are examined based on certain criteria the Network’s Committee has set.  

The NSU is established within the Ministry of Agriculture, directly linked to the Agricultural Extension Sector.

Network Management - Management decisions in the Cyprus network involve formal decision-making processes:
Coordination Committee
The Coordination Committee of the Network approves the annual work programme of the Network.
The NSU assist this decision-making process by requiring a draft Action Plan and budgetary plans provided to CC prior to its Annual meeting.
 The Coordination Committee meets once or twice a year

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives among the activities of the NRN is included running Thematic Working Groups focusing on Innovation and training, competitiveness in the agricultural and animal production sector, the environment and climate change, as well as social inclusion in rural areas mainly through CLLD.

Moreover, through the operation of the NRN it is aimed to create Working Groups that will focus on the differentiation in agriculture, other forms of employment in rural areas, agro-tourism, interlinking agriculture with other sectors of the economy and creating networks to promote products at local level through short supply chains, and at international level.

It is possible during the implementation of the Programme and the Action Plan of the Network that the need will arise to run more Thematic Working Groups. Through this way in the 2014-2020 programming period the NRN will try to address any weaknesses that were identified from the evaluation of the 2007-2013 RDP and reinforce where possible the strong points in the implementation of the Programme.

Budget (€)
Total NRN public funds:
1 000 000  
Out of which national co-financing:470 000
Out of which EAFRD: 530 000