Bulgarian Rural Network

The Bulgarian Rural Network aims to improve the quality of the RDP while increasing the interest of the wider public towards rural areas. It also maintains, supports and structures the conversation between the authorities and the stakeholders.


The National Rural Network (NRN) of Bulgaria is part of the European Network for Rural Development, the objective of which is to Support EU member states in the implementation of the rural development policy. 

 The National Rural Network is a component of the Technical Assistance measure of RDP 2014-2020. It has been created for the purpose of uniting all stakeholders (individuals, organisations, administrations and the business) who take interest in the development of rural areas on the territory of Bulgaria. The unification among stakeholders and active organisations in a network aims at contributing to the efficient implementation of the rural development programmes through dissemination of information, exchange of knowledge and good practices and development of analyses to Support the implementation of the programmes.

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Participation in NRN is voluntary and members need to share a commitment to Support and stimulate rural development. The network develops and strengthens stakeholders’ capacity to take decisions, to make choices, to establish and Support public institutions and to promote innovations in rural areas.  The national network is a unit that links the state administration, local organisations, individuals and commercial companies based on partnership and cooperation initiatives.

 The managing authority is responsible for the application of the activities that are part of the technical assistance, including the ones related to the National Rural Network.

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National Rural Network - Bulgaria
55, Hristo Botev str.
1040 Sofia
Telephone number: 
+ 359 2 985 11 333
Email address: 
Contact persons: 
Elena Hadjinicolova
(Managing Authority, NRN )
Stefan Spasov
(Managing Authority, LEADER/CLLD)
Tatyana Petrova
(Managing Authority, NRN )

NSU operation

The Bulgarian NRN:

Aims to improve the quality of the Rural Development Programme;
Increases the interest  of the wider public towards rural areas;
Maintains, supports and structures the conversation between the MA and stakeholders.

Who can join the network?
The membership is open to all rural stakeholders. The criteria is to be an organisation or institution involved in sustainable local and regional development, promoting employment and improving the quality of life in rural areas.

Another fundamental principle which determines the types of participants in the National Rural Network is connected to the representation of all past and current potential beneficiaries of the RDP (2007-13) and RDP (2014-2020).

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The NRN is established within the MA, located at the Ministry of Agriculture with some activities outsourced or contracted to an external service provider.
A call for tender is to be opened to select a company to which the NSU will be outsourced (as of March 2017).  
The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
The Monitoring Committee of the RDP approves the strategic decisions on activities performed by the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee
The role of the Steering Committee is to take key decisions on the activities of the network. It consists of a maximum of 15 members - representatives of all major stakeholder groups and networks who will participate on a voluntary basis. The Steering Committee will elect a chairman from among its members on a rotational basis for a term of two years. The Chairman represents the NRN at the Monitoring Committee of the RDP (2014-2020).

Tasks of the SC
The main tasks of the Steering Committee are:
To make recommendations on the selection of priorities and theme;
To approve its action plan  and communication plan and their amendments which made in the process of implementation;
To receive and approve reports;
To monitor the progress of the program;
To offer advice and
To support the self-assessment of the overall activities of the Network.

Budget (Euro)
Total NRN public funds:
2 062 130
Out of which national co-financing:
Out of which EAFRD:

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