NRNs' Meetings

9th NRNs’ Meeting - 15-17 November 2017 - Nicosia, Cyprus


The 9th NRNs’ meeting discussed joining up activities and launching innovative networking tools with and through the ENRD, and was followed by a workshop on social inclusion in rural areas.


The 8th NRNs’ meeting discussed new networking tools and methods to support the implementation of the Cork 2.0 Declaration in Rural Development Programme (RDP) delivery. The meeting used a methodology called ‘Innovation Camp’ to develop new ideas for the rural networks to achieve their goals in practice.

7th NRNs' Meeting - 15-17 March 2017 - Azores, Portugal 


The 7th NRNs Meeting looked to develop linkages with advisory service providers. This included linking with advisors in the implementation of NRN activities, innovation support and the development of projects. The exchanges enhanced the understanding of the respective roles of advisory services and rural networks, and improved the involvement of these key stakeholders in network activity.

 6th NRNs' Meeting - 8-9 November 2017 - Senec, Slovakia


The 6th NRNs Meeting looked at sharing NRN Governance structures and thematic activity, and in supporting NRNs in fulfilling their objective of ‘improving stakeholder involvement’. This included looking at the tools and methods available to add value, and how to turn network needs into actions. The meeting also looked at the Cork 2.0 Declaration, and how to integrate the 10 points of the Declaration into the actions of the networks.

5th NRNs' Meeting - 11-12 May 2016 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The 5th NRNs Meeting focused on how arts and culture can stimulate rural development in Europe and help overcoming divides between different 'worlds', such as agriculture & nature, urban & rural and consumers & producers. The aim was to discover, through showcasing various examples, how to reconnect these worlds. The examples also demonstrated how the approach and perspectives of cultural workers and artists can help to re-connect and communicate more effectively with rural stakeholders.


4th NRNs' Meeting - 29 February - 01 March 2016 - Bled, Slovenia


The main objective of the 4th NRN meeting was to support Network Support Units (NSUs) and other NRN stakeholders in identifying and developing relevant activities to improve the implementation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). This is expected to lead to further exchange between NRNs/NSUs around RDP themes and the setting-up of communities of practice in the future.

3rd NRNs' Meeting - Special Edition - 24 September 2015 - Milan, Italy


The main objective of the The 3rd NRN meeting was linked to the Expo Milano 2015 (for more information on CAP-related events at Expo Milano 2015 click here). The main objective of the NRN meeting was to strengthen the capacity of Network Support Units (NSUs) & NRNs to provide support and guidance to LEADER/CLLD stakeholders through exchange of experience among managing authorities (MAs), NRNs and Local Action Groups (LAGs).

2nd NRNs' Meeting - 12-13 May 2015 - Jurmala, Latvia


The meeting was organised in the context of the RDPs being launched and NSUs drawing up their intervention logic and action plans. The meeting aim to assist NRNs in developing and creating the links between their intervention logic, action plans and self-assessment. At the same time it created the platform for exchange on specific tasks, such as communication activities and activities for fostering innovation.

1st NRNs' Meeting - 5-6 Nov 2014 - Brussels, Belgium


The main rationale behind the meeting was that the ENRD and NRNs need to work towards a common set of objectives. The overall objective of the meeting was to develop a shared understanding and initiate the process of cooperation between the ENRD CP and NSUs.