NRN Mapping Reports


National Rural Networks (NRNs) operate in each EU Member State to support and enhance rural development objectives as defined in the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). NRNs enable and facilitate exchange and learning between all the partners involved in Rural Development policy implementation: public authorities, economic and social partners, and the relevant bodies representing civil society.

See below Mapping Reports providing information of the state-of-play and activities of the NRNs and their Network Support Units (NSUs).

1. Mapping Report on 'Starting up the NSUs' (May 2015) reviews the set-up of the NRNs and NSUs at the beginning of the 2014-2020 programming period with a specific focus on identifying NRN membership and engaging with rural stakeholders.

2. Mapping Report on 'NRN support for LEADER/CLLD implementation' (March 2016) reviews key NRN and NSU activities in support of LEADER/CLLD, including:

  • Exchange between institutional stakeholders to improve implementation;
  • Exchange between various ministries to improve the coordination of funds;
  • Specific support, guidance and training for Local Action Groups (LAGs);
  • Support for transnational and inter-territorial cooperation.

3. Mapping report on 'Networking activities' (August 2018) overviews the state-of-play of networking activities carried out by the NSUs and related to RDP implementation, NRN operational challenges and future plans, as well as thematic work.

4. The 2019 screening exercise of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) focused on NRN activities and action plans. This was to investigate how rural network activities are described in RDPs in the 2014-2020 period and to provide a comprehensive EU-level overview of rural network activities and progress so far.

The Common Network Statistics (CNS) provides an insight into the quantitative outputs of NRNs.

For additional information on NRNs, see the following pages:

  • NRN profiles: summary information on the structure and functioning of NRNs and NSUs;
  • NRN Toolkit: collection of useful materials intended to assist NSUs in achieving key NRN objectives and tasks;
  • Network Self-Assessment: overview and useful resources on NRN self-assessment approaches and activities.