Long Term Rural Vision

The ENRD Thematic Group on the Long Term Rural Vision, #rural2040, consisted of a small but dedicated cross-section of informed and engaged stakeholders from different parts of Europe. There were four main meetings over the year-long period leading up to the Communication - the first two meetings in September and December of 2020 and the other two meetings in January and May of 2021.

The aims of the Thematic Group were:

1. To contribute to and enrich the foresight exercise to be carried out for the Long Term Rural Vision in cooperation with the JRC.

2. To act as a platform or exchange hub sharing, discussing and communicating the results of different activities carried out by Thematic Group members and other key actors involved in contributing to the Long Term Rural Vision.

3. To improve the coherence and structure of dialogue that will take place among stakeholders on the Long Term Rural Vision in different parts of Europe (see Rural Voices Report).

4. To communicate more widely with stakeholders and encourage their sustained involvement in the dialogue.

5. To contribute to the ENRD conference ‘Rural Vision Week’ held in March 2021.


If you are interested in any specific aspect of the Long Term Rural Vision, please contact us at .