LEADER Cooperation

Transnational and inter-territorial cooperation have become increasingly important for rural stakeholders. Substantial experience gathered during previous generations of LEADER demonstrate that cooperation is an effective mechanism for helping rural areas to jointly develop and share new solutions to common issues.

LEADER cooperation involves networking but on a different, more dynamic level. It encourages and supports Local Action Groups (LAGs) to undertake a joint action with another LEADER group, or with a group taking a similar approach, in another region or Member State, with an urban or fisheries area or even with a rural group in a third country. The general objective of LEADER cooperation is to help local actors to improve the potential of their areas.

Find reports, guidance and information on LAGs, as well as cooperation offers in the following sections.[i]

Useful documents

  • DG AGRI Guidance for implementation of LEADER Cooperation activities in Rural Development Programmes 2014-2020 [PDFбългарски] Update: April 2017
  • LEADER Cooperation Landscape – overview of LEADER Cooperation rules in 61 EU countries and regions [PDFUpdate: September 2018
  • Report on 'The State-of-play of the implementation of Rural Development Programme Measure 421 in the EU-27' (2014) [PDF]
  • Summary of proposals of the ENRD LEADER Cooperation Practitioner-Led Working Group [PDF]
  • LEADER Transnational Cooperation (TNC) Guidance [PDFNEW! 


Transnational Cooperation (TNC) tools NEW! 

  1. Identifying TNC opportunities: self-assessment questions for LAGs 

  2. Organising and prioritising cooperation ideas 

  3. Terms of reference and selection criteria for external experts 

  4. Checklist: considerations for the first meeting with project partner(s) 

  5. How to present your territory to potential partners? 

  6. Possible legal structures for cooperation 

  7. ‘Roadmap’ for TNC project 

  8. Examples of templates and relevant TNC practice 


The following factsheets overview rules and procedures on LEADER/CLLD Cooperation in national and regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).

  • Austria [PDF ]
  • Belgium (Flanders) [PDF 
  • Belgium (Wallonia) [PDF ]
  • Cyprus [PDF ]
  • Estonia [PDF 
  • Finland (Åland) [PDF 
  • Finland (Mainland) [PDF ]
  • Germany (Hessen) [PDF 
  • Germany (Sachsen) [PDF 
  • Germany (Thuringen) [PDF 
  • Greece [PDF 
  • Hungary [PDF 
  • Ireland [PDF 
  • Italy (Basilicata) [PDF ]
  • Italy (Campania) [PDF ]
  • Italy (Emilia Romagna) [PDF 
  • Italy (Liguria) [PDF 
  • Italy (Umbria) [PDF 
  • Italy (Valle D'Aosta) [PDF ]
  • Italy (Veneto) [PDF ]
  • Lithuania [PDF ] Update September 2018
  • Poland [PDF 
  • Portugal (Açores) [PDF ]
  • Portugal (Madeira) [PDF 
  • Romania [PDF ]
  • Slovenia [PDF ]
  • Spain (Andalucia) [PDF ]
  • Spain (Aragon) [PDF 
  • Spain (Cantabria) [PDF ]
  • Spain (Castilla-La Mancha) [PDF ]
  • Spain (Madrid) [PDF 
  • Spain (Valencia) [PDF ]
  • Sweden [PDF 
  • The Netherlands [PDF ]

The factsheets will be continuously uploaded as they become available.


CLLD Partner Search

Browse through the new CLLD Partner Search tool where you will find cooperation offers received by the ENRD Contact Point. Each offer includes details of the proposed project and the partner making the offer.  

LAGs interested in undertaking a joint action are encouraged to fill in a cooperation offer template and send it to contact@enrd.eu


LAG Database

Get in touch with Local Action Groups (LAGs) from across Europe via our database.


[i]  For information on LEADER and LAGs in the 2007-2013 programming period, visit the archived ENRD website.