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Small town art biennial

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Small town art biennial
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Deveron Projects, is based in the rural town of Huntly, Scotland. The ‘town is the venue describes the framework in which we work and contribute to the social wellbeing of our town. We inhabit, explore, map and activate the place through artist driven projects. Huntly’s small town context, its 18th Century streets and the surrounding Aberdeenshire countryside offer an abundance of possibilities to work with. We have engaged with local people and their clubs, choirs, shops, schools, churches, bars and discos here since 1995. Our projects cover many different topics from employment to health, from ecology to architecture, migration to being local. They bring people from all walks of life together and emerge as public gatherings, symposiums, workshops, farmers markets, seasonal cafés, etc.

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To organise a small town art biennial between two or more countries alternating annually with internationally renown artists from across Europe and beyond.


Whatever happens on a small scale is always connected to a larger reality. Working in our hometown with artists from around the world connects our local communities with the international sphere.
The artists that live and work with us come from all over the world. What they have in common is that they get involved in participative projects, often with a peaceful protest in mind. For this they work with a wide array of partners ranging from the local development trust, schools and businesses, to regional, national and international policy making, academic and government institutions.
We are looking for international platforms to exchange artists through biennial style events.