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Lokalt Ledd Utveckling Halland

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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Marion Eckart
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Fabriksgatan 1A
314 91 Hyltebruk
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Community Led Local Development Halland (Lokalt Ledd Utveckling Halland) aims to create a richer, more welcoming and innovative Halland. Halland should be richer in opportunities, people, initiative and growth. Halland should be more welcoming for a diversity of people to work, live and visit. New ways of thinking, living and meeting is possible through community led local initiatives and cooperation. We believe in the human will to improve the environment we live, work and act in – to become a co‐ creator in local development. Community Led Local Development Halland provides means and methods to move from words to action. This strategy is a tool to get there. Our goal to increase innovation, competitiveness and employment, and to make Halland a more welcoming and attractive place to live in. Our aim is to make a variety of people feel welcome here, since successful region attract all kinds of people. The basis for making people feel welcome founds on a competitive business sector that creates employment opportunities for the population. We want to work in six action areas: entrepreneurship and innovation, tourism, social innovation and innovative service solutions, housing and constructing, infrastructure and travelling and also community development. Common for these action areas is that all action spring from local initiatives and local enthusiasm. Community Led Local Development Halland complements municipal, regional, national and international strategies. We seek new solutions to local challenges. Therefore method development is an important part of our strategy and working process in all six action areas as well in our horizontal goals, equality and sustainability. Funding is received from European Agricultural Fund Rural for Development, European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to create as many synergies as possible and to make Halland an administrative and functional unit for local development through the leader method. In a time where rurality is trendy and longed for, urbanization rate is higher than ever and the possibilities of technology are almost inexhaustible, we believe that Halland can take advantage of a position where what we can offer is more attractive than ever. Join in and start up a local initiative for a richer Halland!




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Hylte, Halmstad, Laholm, Falkenberg, Varberg, Kungsbacka
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