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Our LAG - Colinele Recaș - located in the vicinity of the Municipality of Timișoara,is also a founding member in the two Urban LAGs financed through CLLD programme,LAG Timișoara and LAG Freidorf.
Timisoara is going to be the Europe Cultural Capital in 2021,and there are ongoing projects for the transformation of small businesses being supplied with local products. With a population over 350,000 inhabitants,Timișoara provides a very good market for different types of actions/projects which can be implemented theming from tourism, culture, art, culinary traditions, recreational activities, crafts&artisanal products, branding.
This type of cooperation will have great impact due to the fact that is going to be implemented in a city that will be the European Cultural Capital in a few years.

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We are a Romanian Local Action Group and we are looking for a Local Action Group to run a joint project on the following domains:
- Food and drink; - Knowledge transfer; - Culture & Cultural Heritage; - Marketing; - Locally sourced products; - Supply chains / Producer organisations & Cooperatives; - Non-food products / Crafts; - Business development; - Tourism / Territorial branding; - Community development; - Rural-Urban linkages;

We intent this to be the first collaboration of Urban and Rural LAGs, thus being innovative and its good practice will set the standard for all future collaborations in Europe.


Our objectives include:
1. Promoting new products, practices, processes and technologies;
2. Creating short food chains and local markets;
3. Transferring of experience and best practices on local development.
4. Exchanging and promoting products and practices between local producers.
5. Buying local and support the community.
6. Promoting the cultural heritage and crafts.