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Cooperation regarding culture and toursim
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The micro-region " Suceviţa-Putna" is located in the central-northern part of the Suceava county, covering an area of 1,026.93 km2 with a population of 60,150 inhabitants, and 16 administrative-territorial units: Arbore, Brodina, Cacica, Horodnic de Jos, Horodnic de Sus, Iaslovăţ, Humorului Monastery, Marginea, Poieni Solca, Putna, Straja, Sucevita, Ulma, Volovăţ and Solca.
The micro-region was formed by the association of 80 representatives of local public administrations, private entrepreneurs and civil society.
Sucevita-Putna micro-region is known for its folk costumes, furniture, pottery. The craftsmen continue the traditions handed down from generation to generation. Masks, traditional costumes, painted eggs, carved wooden objects, are still part of daily life.

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The Sucevita-Putna micro-region is established in an ancient and dense hearth of civilization and Romanian culture.
The micro-region is loaded with history and legends. From the north to the eastern side, almost every commune has a heritage site: monastery, church, memorial buildings. The exterior frescoes of Humor, Arbore (Arbore green), Suceviţa (green and red of Sucevita), the rich medieval art museums, the beauty of the landscape and the folk artistic creation led to the inclusion of these monasteries in the UNESCO- Great monuments of the world.
The old church in Putna is the oldest and only medieval wood church, known to date, preserved on the territory of Romania. Its exceptional age and archaic plan give it an invaluable value to the medieval architecture of our country


Development of traditions, culture, crafts and tourism.

Representatives for the history and culture of the micro-region are also the Sucevita Monastery, Roman Catholic church in Cacica, the salt mine in Cacica, The memorial house Ieraclie Porumbescu from Sucevita, The Roman Catholic Church of Solca, The "Luca Arbore" Church, "The Church of the Ascension of the Holy Cross" and The ruins of the Old Wooden Church both from Volovăț, Humor Monastery - a historical monument inventoried in UNESCO heritage, and the black ceramics of Marginea.