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Forest Restoration in a Changing Climate (FRCC)

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Forest Restoration in a Changing Climate (FRCC)
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LAGs that have the same problem inside their territory

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Of the total of 514,49 square km of the Somes-Codru Micro-region, 117,50 square km represent areas covered by forest vegetation (22,83%).
Illegal deforestation continues to be a problem in Romania, despite the authorities' efforts to limit this phenomenon. A Greenpeace report shows that last year (2017) there were thousands of cases of illegal forest cuts and the authorities put this situation to poverty in rural areas.
Unfortunately, this phenomenon is also present on the territory covered by the LAG Somes-Codru Micro-region.

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The project will have two components:
1) Awareness of the population, especially young people, about the importance of forests in the current context of climate change (seminars in schools, flyers and social media) and
2) Planting illegally degraded areas (maximum 10 ha) with young trees. The planting will be carried out with the help of volunteers from the LAGs who will participate in the project under the guidance of specialists from the forest detours.


1) Try to stop the Illegal deforestation phenomenon in the LAG territory
2) Supporting the redevelopment of illegally grubbed areas