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traditional arts & crafts revival

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traditional arts & crafts revival
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our partner should be a recognized organization with experience in implementing social-economical project within local communities, able to use various marketing techniques for promoting hand made products and helpings small enterprises developing services for locals and tourists.

South-Est Transylvania, Mures and Sibiu county
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All our projects are following these principles: the use of know-how and new technologies to make the products and services of rural areas more competitive, improving the quality of life in rural areas, adding value to local products facilitating access to markets for small production units via collective actions and making the best use of natural and cultural resources, including enhancing the value of sites of Community interest selected under Natura 2000 program. Our LAG was established in 2007 and it consist of public and private partners from the rural territory of Mureș and Sibiu county. We receive financial assistance to implement local development strategies, by awarding grants to local projects.

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We intend to develop and support local arts and crafts initiatives, which use to have great influence on social and economic development for small communities. Our goal is to encourage existing enterprises and develop a network of craftsmen and artisans to be more visible and influential on the consumption market. Knowledge of arts and crafts tend to disappear, more and more locals are loosing interest towards crafts and don't believe to much in the business potential that can arise withing combining entrepreneurship skills and the huge potential behind long nearly forgotten traditional crafts. Another aim we set for us is to find a LAG partner to develop an international knowledge exchange project about food and local food systems to use gastronomy as a common ambassador.


1.increase and develop small crafts initiative for a better access to the consumption markets for about 10 to 20 beneficiaries
2.development of services in rural communities from historic sites for both locals and visitors - 2000 locals and 6000 visitors(tourist)/year
3.develop a joint gastronomy project as a tool for promoting our area - 6000 visitors/year