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“Culture and tradition” a new joint touristic product

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“Culture and tradition” a new joint touristic product
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The natural and cultural heritage in the area aren’t exploited at real value especially in the territory of LAG «Calafat ». Also the local products don't have access in the market chains, they are promoted only in local markets, many of these local products are known only in the specific areas. We aim to create and promote a representative tourist product for the area bringing high value to the local products and cultural/natural heritage.

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The main objective of the project is to create a new tourism product and to promote it throughout the whole European Union, allowing a large number of people to get in touch with the local cultural traditions.
Also the strategy chosen regarding tourism is built around the “nature-culture -tradition” concept. We aim to promote our biodiversity ( Natura 2000 around the Danube for example), our culture and local products.


Objective 1: Highlighting and promoting local resources
Creating, preserving, and promoting knowledge and recognition of local environmental and cultural resources. Developing tools for touristic development and local social cohesion:
- Photo album with the mains local natural and architectural attractions;
- Developing of European Union maps and routes for facilitating the access in LAG area;
- Awareness campaign regarding the importance of preserving, recovering and harnessing / protecting the surrounding environment
- Initiating/creating a network of host households for tourism- developing agro tourism
Objective 2: Creating new touristic offers promoted through festivals:
Creating new touristic offers based on biodiversity, culture, local know-hows and crafts…This could include for example: the conception and set up of new touristic projects (such as a cultural festival, events around traditional know-hows, architectural heritage…); producing online offers (virtual visits of natural resources: landscapes, biodiversity, culture…); promoting local know-hows and products;
- Comprehensive promotion of the region addressed to foreign and domestic tourists through festivals organisation with:
- Culinary exposition with local products; commercialisation of cultural offers (products and/or services);
- Cultural festivals with theme:” Natural resource - cultural and progressive factor, for the community development”;
- Traditional food contest with public tastings; creating the high value of local products
- Traditional spectacles with representatives of local artists
- Creating of virtual agro food market