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Strong stakeholders of the tourism industry an opportunity for rural development

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Strong stakeholders of the tourism industry an opportunity for rural development
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The project in Poland will be implemented by two partners.
Land of Three Rivers LAG and Czarnkowsko - Trzcianecka LAG cover the northern part of the Wielkopolska region.
Our region is touristically highly attractive. Historically and culturally valuable areas atract tourists both from the nearby City of Poznań and other areas of Poland and abroad. The tourism industry is growing in our area, but operators are constantly looking for innovative ways to run and promote their offer and search for new markets. Tourists visiting our area are mainly residents of Poznań – people who require quality of the offer and its novelty.

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The project aims to exchange good practices and experiences in the development of tourism in rural areas. It is addressed to entrepreneurs operating in areas such as accommodation, restaurant, recreational or cultural facilities. As part of the project, we also plan to promote our region and search for new kind of customers.


Our goal is to develop tourism in the LAGs area and support industry stakeholders by implementing innovative solutions for the organization of work and promotion of entities, as well as the search for new markets.
We want to achieve our goals by organizing:
• study trips
• exchanging experiences
• creating space for cooperation.
We want to present our business based on local resources and learn how there are carried out in other places such as: fruit and vegetable processing, juice press, agritourism, guesthouse, horse stable, social cooperative or apiary.
It is also important for us to support cooperation both inter and cross-sectorally. Therefore, the project is directed not only to entrepreneurs, but also to representatives of social organizations and local governments.