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"Our flavours" - preserving our culinary heritage using on-line tools

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"Our flavours" - preserving our culinary heritage using on-line tools
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Our association is very involved in the promotion of regional cuisine traditions and the preservation of culinary heritage. We have been organising the National Festival of Pâté and Goose Dishes for the last fourteen years. We also implemented an interterritorial cooperation project entitled The Heritage of Southern Wielkopolska. In view of the above we would like to establish an international cooperation in this field. We are keen to preserve and promote our local heritage.

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Our aim is to promote our regional tastes on an international scale, but also to get to know other valuable qualities of our cooperation partner's cuisine. The project involves the promotion and exchange of traditional flavours of regional cuisine between the project partners. Within the framework of the project the on-line cooking demonstrations will be organized. Thanks to the implementation of this project it will be possible to cooperate, exchange experiences, maintain tradition and promote it.


The main activities it to organise the on-line cooking demonstration by project partners. During the on-line demonstrations the participants will be able to prepare traditional dishes according to the advice and guidance given by the cooks. Such workshops will be held for students of catering schools or other interested groups. Workshops will be streamed live, it is envisaged to use new technologies so that participants could see each other directly during the project. It will be possible to send in regional products in advance to enable the preparation of ideal flavour compositions.
Through the implementation of the project there will be an international promotion of regional tastes and experiences of preserving cultural heritage, taking into account safety in times of the current covid-19 pandemic. We are open to modifications of our idea regarding the implementation of cooperation project.