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Green villages

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Green villages
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The aim of the project is to build pro-ecological attitudes towards the inhabitants of rural areas. It is directed to residents of areas covered by the LEADER program. Especially for people living in single-family houses, people with farms. Representatives of local institutions, entrepreneurs as well as young people and children will be involved in the activities.


Educational activities are proposed in the field of:
• How does air pollution affect our health .
• Waste management, reduction of biodegradable waste, use of biodegradable waste as a raw material / fertilizer in home gardens, introduction of organisms accelerating composting (Creeping California, Eisenia fetida), getting acquainted with the good examples of waste management.
• The role of melliferous plants, encouraging the establishment of "canteens for bees" by sowing honey plants (eg: a bee resident for each participant of the workshop)
• Creating pollinating insect friendly places (such as: Osma stern)
• Application of indigenous varieties of fruit trees