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Local flavors of Europe - Local Brand nationally and abroad.

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Local flavors of Europe - Local Brand nationally and abroad.
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Local Action Groups, organizations implementing the Local Development Strategy, in particular from such countries as: Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania.

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The Local Action Group “Leśna Kraina Górnego Śląska” Association covers 16 communes located in the central-western part of the Silesian voivodship. These include: Ciasna, Herby, Kalety, Kochanowice, Koszęcin, Krupski Młyn, Miasteczko Śląskie, Pawonków, Pilchowice, Pyskowice, Rudziniec, Sośnicowice, Toszek, Tworóg, Wielowieś and Zbrosławice. The LAG area consists primarily of clean forests, fields and picturesque landscapes. In addition to the unique nature, which consists of various vegetation and the richness of the animal world, the area covered by the communes belonging to the LAG "Leśna Kraina Górnego Śląska" Association boasts numerous monuments. These sacred and secular architecture treasures constitute cultural and historical heritage of this region. A well-developed network of bicycle paths and trails creates the opportunity to actively spend free time. One can take advantage of numerous attractions offered by the communes and local entrepreneurs. All these elements ensure a successful recreation. Food products and Silesian cuisine are characteristic components of the region. Their uniqueness lies in meticulous reproduction of traditional local recipes and usage of locally produced ingredients.
The LAG "Leśna Kraina Górnego Śląska" Association together with the neighboring, Polish LAG "Brynica to nie granica” (Brynica Is Not a Border) realized the cooperation project entitled “Stwórzmy Razem Markę Lokalną” (Let’s Create a Local Brand Together), which was hugely popular among manufacturers of local products. The result of the project was the selection of local products and services allowed to use the "Local Brand" emblem. Therefore, the Management Board of the LGD “Leśna Kraina Górnego Śląska” Association has decided to continue the activities aimed at promoting local products in the area of its operations by strengthening local resources with the inclusion a foreign partner in order to create a local brand and create an online database of local products in the country and abroad.

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The main objective of the project will be to create brand recognition for local food products manufactured by residents, family-run small businesses and farms. The most important tasks of the project will be: cooperation between residents and producers of local food products, exchange of information and experiences, knowledge acquisition and business development. The promotion of the project will rely on the creation of an online database of food products.


As part of the project, a competition is planned, the aim of which is to select local food products and dishes produced according to traditional recipes from local ingredients. Competition committees established in each country will select products, taking into account the use of local resources, taste, aesthetic, environmental and natural qualities as well as culinary traditions. The committees will rate how the products are served and promoted. As part of the project study visits are planned during which participants will learn about local resources and culinary qualities of traditional dishes. It will be an opportunity to exchange experiences regarding manufacturing and promotion of products. As part of the visit it is planned that the participants will visit and familiarize themselves with the tradition and culture of the partner LAG’s area. At the end of each visit a cultural event summarizing the meetings will be held accompanied by tasting of local products and dishes.
The specific objectives of the planned project are:
1) set up of an online database of local products and promotion of the Local Brand,
2) creation of interesting promotional materials and comprehensive promotion
of the region among domestic and foreign tourists,
3) establishing cooperation with travel agencies, tourist information offices, agritourism farm and hotels.

Target group: young people starting professional careers and looking for a business idea to begin with.