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Bicycle friendly
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We are looking for LAGs from the EU, which in its area has cycling paths, bicycle infrastructure, plans further routes, wants to acquire good practices in their promotion, equipment and signage, wants to promote existing cycling paths, as well as physical activity associated with cycling tourism and the area of its LAG.

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We planned to implement a cooperation project - Bicycle friendly as part of the 1.1.6 qualified tourism project. The project will pursue the general objective of our Local Development Strategy Entrepreneurship of Żuławy and the detailed objective 1.1 Setting the fashion for Żuławy. It will contribute to the promotion of the LAG area through the development of bicycle routes that take into account various forms of promotion, i.e. information boards, advertising spots, gadgets, and mobile applications. The implementation of the project will contribute to the achievement of the result indicator: Number of projects using local natural, cultural, historical, tourist resources, local products. The implementation of the operation will create a network of bicycle routes that will contribute to the increase of physical activity of residents, improvement of the quality of life of residents, integration of the local community, preservation of cultural, natural and historical heritage and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
Thematic scope of the undertaking:
- study trips;
- Marking of qualified tourism routes;
- Equipment for qualified tourism routes (eg. stands);
- Facilities for bicycle stations (stations for bikes) and their marking
- Activities promoting qualified tourism.
In the project our main goal is to promote existing routes, promote a healthy and active lifestyle and the area of our LAGs, draw good practices from comparing foreign paths and learn for the future in terms of their equipment and construction. However, due to the fact that the LAG does not have any tasks related to the cycle path infrastructure in the field of track construction / reconstruction in its Development Strategy, it intends to implement the above thematic scope only.

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The aim of the project is to promote the LAG area through the development of bicycle routes taking into account various forms of promotion, i.e. information boards, advertising spots, gadgets, mobile applications, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, local heritage. We assume a study visit to a foreign partner, then a return visit to acquire good practices in the field of equipment, marking bicycle paths, and promoting cycling tourism. Visits will help modernize current paths and build new ones based on practical and residents-friendly solutions in the future. The results of this project will be worked out together with a foreign partner, we are open to suggestions, however, we would like it mainly to promote areas and cycling tourism, for example:
- creating an educational board game on cycling safety, its impact on the activity and health of residents, or
- creating materials promoting our current bike paths, showing the natural and historical values in the form of spots, videos - the movie will be promoted on the Internet.


Target group: residents, tourists
1. Study trip to LGD from abroad and return visit of LAG to Poland.
2. Good practices in the field of cycling tourism.
3. Elaboration of results, for example: board game, spots of bicycle routes along with their infrastructure and promotion of LAG areas.