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Cultural activities and cultural heritage as a tool of community integration

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Cultural activities and cultural heritage as a tool of community integration
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The main goal of the project is to enhance the social capital (located on the area, where Partners’ local development strategies are implemented) by participation of local communities in cultural workshop and exchanging experience in cooperating with locals during study visits in Poland and EU partner.
The result of the project will be enhancing and strengthening the social capital on the 5 LAGs’ area and improving their knowledge in implementing initiatives involving local communities as a study visit’s participants.
Detailed goals:
a. Enhancing the interest of culture in LAGs regions
b. Enhancing the skills of taking the cultural initiatives of the project’s participants
c. Improving the social (commune) integration by co-participating in our project
d. Starting and / or improving the cooperation between local societies

Project idea summary: 

We are searching for a EU Partner to implement cultural project. The main idea and goal is to make inhabitants more active in creating or taking part in cultural life of the region. We planned a cycle of 5 workshops (4 implemented by Polish LAGs, 1 by the EU partner) where our participant will learn how to make art, their creativity will be wakened so they will be prepared to make cultural projects in their own societies. Their project will take part in a contest during the project’s grand finale and the authors of the best one will be awarded with the special prize which is a participation in the abroad study visit (to our EU partner’s country). It is possible to include tourism as a part of the project, but the main subject must be culture.


Target group are socially active residents of the LAGs regions. We forecast that the participants will be people working with local societies (eg. Youth center workers) or active local societies members. We would like our participant to influence local societies to work on cultural projects, including youths, seniors, and all rural areas residents.