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History in the Landscape spell

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History in the Landscape spell
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Cultural and natural potential.
Direct neighbourhood of the historic city Gdansk

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Local Action Group „Three Landscapes” Works In northern Poland, in the area of 6 communes situated in the district of Gdansk.
We were established in order to build the identity of the Zuławy Gdanskie, Plateau and Gorge Radunia, strengthen and expand the area that is supported by the closeness of Tri-City (Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia), and also discover the common strength of rural communities like Cedry Wielkie, Kolbudy, Pruszcz Gdanski, Pszczolki, Suchy Dab and Trabki Wielkie.
In order to promote this extremely diverse area – both culturally and naturally, our LAG wants to initiate a project entitled: “The creation of conditions to promote the area through international promotion activities and organizing information center to promote the area“. The project aims to create the Centre of Information and Promotion of the entire area of LAG “Three Landscapes of the land of Gdansk“. This would be undoubtedly an excellent tourist information for our area that we would like organize and operate within the framework of our activities by, among other things, creation of appropriate promotional materials and a spot where a potential tourist would receive information about the comprehensive range of the most attractive places and tourist products in our area. Promotional materials in various forms would be a common element of the project cooperation and mutual study visits would hopefully lead to tourist exchange.
We would like to ask, if your Local Action Group would be interested in a joint project in this area? We would like to start the project after our beneficiaries complete the proposals aimed at tourism and recreation and after sharing the most valuable monuments in our area. We believe that it will be years 2018 -2021.


1. Establishment of an information and promotion center for the area.
2. Creation of interesting promotional materials and comprehensive promotion of the region addressed to foreign and domestic tourists.
3. Establishing cooperation with travel agencies, tourist information offices and hotels.
The common goal of the project is to create common promotional materials and to share information about the region's attractions for the purpose of tourist exchanges.