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The use of new technologies and know-how in rural areas

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The use of new technologies and know-how in rural areas
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• cultural and natural potential
• integration and on-going cooperation between the participants
• increase awareness of the region's specificity among producers and service providers
• registration of new traditional products

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The project aims to improve tourist attractiveness based on the cultural richness of the areas.
The main objective of the project is:
• undertaking joint efforts to preserve and promote the local traditions of LAGs areas,
• raise awareness of the areas involved in the project to use local resources to create local products,
• using local natural and cultural resources - promoting better and more effective promotion,
• strengthening cooperation between local people working in the production and sales of local food, handicrafts and tourism, and supporting them in creating products and services,
• activation of the inhabitants for better and more effective promotion of cultural and gastronomic values.


Target group: youth, women, long term unemployed.
Some activities:
- comprehensive promotion of the region addressed to foreign and domestic tourists
- creating the high value of local products
- activities for the favor of the best use of natural and cultural resources
The common goal of the project is to create common promotional materials and to share information about the region's attractions for the purpose of tourist exchanges.