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Ecological education, renewable energy sources, climate change and innovations

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Ecological education, renewable energy sources, climate change and innovations
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The project is focused on cooperation activities serving the development of the area. The tasks carried out under this project will contribute to raising the environmental awareness of the inhabitants of the area of Polish LAG "Przymierze Jeziorsko" and LAG "Podkowa" (including those from disadvantaged groups). Their knowledge of climate change and innovation in renewable energy will also increase.

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Raising the knowledge of the inhabitants of the area of LAG "Podkowa" and LAG "Przymierze Jeziorsko" in the field of ecology, environmental protection, renewable energy sources and climate change.


The main goals of our project are: education as an element of building pro-ecological attitudes and increasing the knowledge of the inhabitants, in particular in the field of environmental protection, climate change and innovation.
Activities that we envisage as part of the project implementation:
- study visit to the partner,
- good practices in the use of renewable energy sources in business / by public institutions / associations / farmers,
- theoretical and practical ecological workshops with elements of small business, including writing a business plan,
- examples of beneficiaries who established or run companies that apply ecological solutions,
- the possibility of a personal meeting and conversation on topics increasing awareness and knowledge in the field of ecology with the beneficiaries in the place of their activities.

Target group: entrepreneurs, representatives of local government units, NGOs, farmers.