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Building the potential of cross-sectoral cooperation

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Building the potential of cross-sectoral cooperation
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Cross-sectoral cooperation as an opportunity for community development, implementation of new technologies and diversification of economic activities in rural areas. Building triple - sectorality potential by using international contacts.

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The international cooperation project planned in CLLD Strategy, by the Association - Local Action Group "STER", is based on a study visit, where participants will to take part in workshops and trainings on the exchange of best practices in cross-sectoral cooperation. The project was addressed to representatives of disadvantaged groups - unemployed and people over 50 years of age, as well as representatives of three sectors - entrepreneurs, NGOs and Authorities of local government units who contribute to the CLLD Strategy.


1) Organization of study tours based on workshops and trainings on the exchange of good practices in cross-sectoral cooperation.
2) Establishing business relationships
3) The aim of the project is establish contacts with sectoral representatives in another EU Member State and to create common information materials on cross-sectoral cooperation across the different EU Member States.