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Project regarding tourist trails

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Project regarding tourist trails
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Bialskopodlaska LAG in the previous financial perspective implemented a transnational cooperation project on the development of tourism with the LAG from Belgium, using the acquired knowledge of the Belgians in the scope of tourism organisation, especially tourist routes. Polish LAG in cooperation with the Belgians has defined and marked the Bug-Krzna waterway with an innovative numerical method (the prize: "The Best Polish Tourist Product in 2011) and over 1000 km of bicycle routes (Bicycle routes of the South Podlasie region, nominee for the best tourism project: Nordic-Baltic-Leader Cooperation Award 2013). At present Bialskopodlaska LAG cooperates with Polish LAG: Ziemi Siedleckiej, which has experience in the creation of tourist routes promoting the culinary heritage of the region.

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The project refers to setting, marking and promotion of tourist routes in the area of LDS, i.e. trail riding, walking trail, NordicWalking and culinary trail (selection up to 7 places which serves minimum 1 local dish). As part of the project, publications describing the created trails and including the offer of tourism on these routes will be published. A tourist infrastructure will be created on each newly created route. Tourist routes will be connected to each other and marked with a coherent numeric system, the use of which does not require knowledge of the Polish language. It will be the only network of routes in Poland marked with the use of this innovative method.


The development of tourism in the area of LAGs, encouraging potential tourists to visit the region. The project is aimed at a wide audience of both tourists visiting the LAG area as well as all social groups inhabiting this region, including young people and disadvantaged groups. Bialskopodlaska LAG in cooperation with the Ziemi Siedleckiej LAG from Poland and a foreign partner wants to create, mark and connect in the common network of tourist trails: riding, walking, NordicWalking and the culinary route.