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Clean natural environment as a base for improving quality of life

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Clean natural environment as a base for improving quality of life
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In our area of Local Development Strategy there are 45 thousand inhabitants. The area is partly characterised by traditional agriculture and partly it is a small town with a historic downtown and rural areas with mostly dormitory town function (for people from Toruń). One of the greatest issues is a pollution, coming from agricultural production, means of transport, inappropriate waste management and use of heating units which do not meet environmental norms.
There have been promoted renewable energy sources for a last few years, eg network of solar panels on the residential and public buildings, LED illumination and aquisition of wind power. However, high cost of renewable sources of energy and a low level of environmental consciousness among inhabitants lead to marginalization of such pro-environmental actions. Hence, the necessity of actions in the field of environmental awareness and an increase of pro-environmental solutions which can reduce water, air and soil contamination, help in saving the energy, decrease the waste production and so on.

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Promoting sustainable and renewable forms of energy and environmentally friendly attitudes among inhabitants of our area of Local Development Strategy by:
 exchanging of the ideas and experiences,
 training courses,
 developing of a handbook,
 study tours,
 developing of good habits etc.


 The increase in the awareness of the inhabitants of our LDS area in the field of environmentally sustainable managing of natural resources,
 development of pro-environmental attitudes,
 popularization of ecological solutions and a growth of usage of renewable sources of energy.
 engaging in actions promoting protection of natural environment and effects of climatic changes.
 exchanging the experiences between LAGs and developing good practices.