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Smart specialisation in the promotion of local heritage

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Smart specialisation in the promotion of local heritage
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For 10 years, they have been carrying out intensive promotion of the local heritage using traditional methods. As the core of this heritage are traditional products, the methods of promotion used so far have been adapted to the historical image of the products. There were also traditional methods of promotion: fairs, shows, folders, leaflets. The most effective method of advertising products was usually "whisper promotion".
After the initial "local" boom, there were signs of stagnation or even a decline in interest in rural tradition. The need arose to refresh the image of traditional products, to pack them in modern design, to apply new technologies and to learn about modern methods of promotion and sales.

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The operation assumes the development of a Code of Good Practice in the field of innovative methods of promoting local heritage.


Project objective: increasing the value of local cultural and natural heritage.
Target group: local activists in the field of promotion of heritage and tourism, producers of traditional products, agrotourists, representatives of institutions and non-governmental organisations.
1. Organisation:
• study visits, workshops during which participants learn about good practices in the promotion of local products, methods of selling products, local attractions and methods of their promotion.
• conference
• trainings in the field of modern promotion methods
• outdoor event
2. Creating a website to promote the project.
3. Development and printing of the Code of Good Practice in the field of innovative methods of promotion and valorisation of local heritage, based on information from workshops conducted during study visits.
4. Making promotional materials (eg calendar, gadgets).