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Cultural and Historical Heritage in Selija Region

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Cultural and Historical Heritage in Selija Region
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The project will operate in the historical area of Selija with the aim of improving the recognition of the region and promoting the preservation of the cultural heritage by means of integrating it into the modern environment. It is very important to support the specific features of the Selija region. Taking into account the small population and the lack of big cities the project offers an opportunity to preserve the area and to strengthen the capacity of the local inhabitants in tourism sphere.

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To activate the sparcely populated areas – the “Islands”, as they directly form the history of the region. To define a special story/ offer/ trademark for each “Island”. In such a way a tour in Selija can cover almost the entire region and contribute to the balance of the population and the development of the local economy.


“Denominators in the Islands”-is a team of professionals representing the following themes: economy and small business; tourism services; advertising and marketing; culture and heritage; development of society; sociology; area planning; environment- they go to the settlements, organize workshops, seminars, discussions, individual communication, interviews, thus identifying the needs of the inhabitants and the potential of the place. Besides the full-time classes in the “Islands”, the team will attend every existing and potential tourism object in Selija and make descriptions and project materials.
Designing the publicity and training materials. The team will make the following materials after their visits: the draft version of the informational brochure; a common brand for the project and Selija (logo, slogan, etc.); the content definition for each “Island” with a purpose of publicity; methodological recommendations to improve the tourism offer for each “Island”. This stage will be 6 months long during which the team will elaborate an improved tourism offer by means of receiving additional resources and consultations.
“Response Islands”-each “Island” which is involved in the project, presents its elaborated offer choosing the most appropriate way of presentation (an event, a special excursion, special food, accommodation, etc.)
Development of the final version of the brochure. The team of professionals using the offers from the “Islands” prepares the final version. The brochure is republished.
Event for the project presentation.