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Natural resources and pirts/sauna traditions. How to gain benefits for personal use and business?

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Natural resources and pirts/sauna traditions. How to gain benefits for personal use and business?
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The outcome of the project realization is sustainable development of rural living standard and looking for economic growth possibilities within pirts/sauna and health care, such as production of pirts/sauna goods, as well as how to use local herbs, teas and other natural material in a local production.

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To facilitate knowledge and possibilities of vulnerary plants and bath importance for rural people life, to get more comprehension about entrepreneurship possibilities in Latvia and Europe, to encourage local inhabitants with business ideas.
Potential cooperation partners are “Sateka” partnership, “Daugavpils and Ilukste region partnership “Neighbours”” from Latvia, as well as Estonian partnership “Green Riverland”.


Local producers, who are interested in Latvian traditions and health healing possibilities will be involved in the project. Heath and spiritual wellness of local inhabitants is important feature for high life level and economic growth.
During project will be carried out common activities for local inhabitants on purpose to develop knowledge and skills about pirts/sauna, vulnerary plants and other natural resources, which could be useful for them. Together with cooperation partners and foreign participants it be provided information about local productions which can share their experience on using vulnerary plants in their production, thus promoting pirts/sauna traditions and Latvian heritage preservation. It will be organised study courses, master class and experience exchange activities involving local producers and rural people. Besides, it will popularise tourism possibilities at the cooperation action areas.