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Place branding for rural development

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Place branding for rural development
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Baltic and all EU countries.
We are specially looking for an area that has similar needs and wants to do the place branding. Also we would appreciate a partner, who has made the place branding and has experience to share.

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We have found it wonderful to live in a small town, a village or the countryside, and we believe we have great values to share and to show. We are proud to promote the lifestyle that is possible outside the urban environment.
So far we have created a logo and slogan for our area, but time goes by and we see the need to create united image of our location and initiate a place branding process to make our area recognizable nationally and beyond. We believe that successful place-branding strategy will give a positive input in developing sense of belonging to our inhabitants, attracting visitors, encouraging entrepreneurs and motivating our youth.
The project idea is supported by local Municipality and Abulas area partnership is inviting Local Action Group for the new planning period 2014-2020 to join this project to create a better image of rural life qualities.

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Within this project we want to create a Smiltene district (place) branding strategy and promote the location in various directions - entrepreneurship, tourism, education, culture, sport, music, art etc. Place branding includes involving local inhabitants in brainstorming on what are our strengths and opportunities, to create the unique and attractive local brand, which would help the rural location to prosper sustainably. Besides creating the place branding strategy we plant to invigorate it with practical activities for each target group.


To create a place branding strategy;
To invigorate the brand;
To share knowledge of other locations in place branding.
To develop marketing campaign with new approaches according to created place branding strategy.
Target groups
Local area inhabitants, entrepreneurs, visitors, youth, cooperation partners.
1. Experience exchange events & trips;
2. Training on efficient using of social networks to promote rural area;
3. Product packaging and place branding,
4. Photography plenary oriented on place branding,
5. Running a visionary «Future District Game», for each target group.