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Outdoor art

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Outdoor art
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Baltic and all EU countries.

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A cording to the high interest about the international art project “Mobile Art Exhibition in the “Baltic States”” (Nr. 11-00-L421102-000003) planned in the previous period Abulas area partnership is inviting Local Action Group for the new planning period 2014-2020.

Project idea summary: 

There is planned a creative workshop for painters- amateurs in Smiltene region in 2018. The workshop lasts for 7 days (the duration of the seminar is 7 days, with a short closing session on day nr. 6. The seminar starts at 15:00 Sunday afternoon) under supervision of the teacher and there will be created environmental paintings - in style of 3 D drawing, cubism and abstract art (both on big cartons and asphalt).
The product will be shown in exhibitions to educate the public about art styles of nowadays.
The pieces art will be photographed and put in the “business planner”.


Long- term aim:
To show different kinds of moderm art in surrounded object to educate the public in painting art and in improwing friendship among inhabitants of Latvia and other EU countries.

Short term aim:
To share painting skills among cooperation partners involved and improve activities of culture, academical and social cooperation.

 learning of 3 D drawing style;
 learning Cubisme painting by making pictures;
 involve the contemporary art in the surrounted nature;
 share knowledge of other countries in art and culture.

The project is set up for adult amateurs who create art without any material wealth.