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Off-Grids Renewable Energy DIY for rural development

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Off-Grids Renewable Energy DIY for rural development
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Baltic and all EU countries.
We are specially looking for an area that has similar needs and wants to create solutions for alternative energy. Also we would appreciate a partner, who has made such experience and are willing to share it.

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In isolated rural areas, electricity grid extensions are often not economical. Off‐grid renewable technologies provide a sustainable and cost‐effective alternative to the diesel generators that would be otherwise be deployed in such areas. Renewable technologies can also help to displace other unsustainable energy sources and get people access for affordable and clean energy.
NGO Smiltenei un Lavijai together with Latvian Permaculture Associations working in the field of sustainable lifestyle, to inspire people to become more autonomous, resilient and happy using knowledge about permaculture.
The project idea is supported by local Municipality and Abulas area partnership is inviting Local Action Group for the new planning period 2014-2020 to join this project to create a better image of rural life qualities.

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The target of this project is to create DIY instrument for small farms, family households to build, install and use small-scale installation for renewable and sustainable energy resources, including solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy and biomass. We plan to cooperate with scientists, engineers and other experts, to create a handbook and prototypes for these off-grid installations.


To exchange the knowledge with project partners about alternative energy
To work together with experts to create solutions for alternative energy
To build the prototypes for these solutions
To make DIY handbook for small farms, family households to build, install and use these technical solutions
To share knowledge and experience in local rural areas

Target groups:
Local area inhabitants, small organic farmers, families in rural area, entrepreneurs.

1 Experience exchange events & trips;
2 Training about alternative energy ;
3 Working on building solutions for alternative energy, making documentation about it
4 Conference about solutions for alternative energy.
5 Handbook about DIY solutions for alternative energy.