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innovation in agriculture / gardening

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innovation in agriculture / gardening
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Local producers, farmers, Farmers associations, LAG,

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It has been noted that in the EU conventional farming and market gardening are increasingly challenged, taking into account their effects on the environment and the overexploitation of natural resources. In order to be able to launch alternative ideas to these practices, we consider for small farms to be reoriented to animal traction. Indeed, unlike fossil or solar energy, animal traction is the only energy that is locally renewable and unique in the world.

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- promote research on the welfare of draft animals
- develop new equipment for animal traction
- produce publications dealing with equipment for animal traction and the welfare of draft animals
- actively engage in knowledge transfer to improve the living and working conditions of draft animals


- Networking of different actors for development, construction andfield trials of new animal-drawn equipment
- Technical support for small farms and gardeners
- Promote regional organic food production