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From idea to business. Business development in the countryside

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From idea to business. Business development in the countryside
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The locals point to the main desire to create jobs and support private business, which would create the conditions for income growth and social inclusion, and would like to see the implementation of measures to keep and attract young people to the LAG area.

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This cooperation proposal aims to bring together LAGs with similar objectives that can learn from each other and inspire each other through their initiatives in small business development in rural areas. Focus will be on study visits and workshops, trainings including experts from different kind of related fields, promotion and joint publication or maybe developing common product


Encourage the involvement of local enterprises, NGOs and local authorities in the development and promotion of the local product;
Increase the flow of tourists (domestic and international) who visit the area;
Exchange experience in good practices;
Encourage the development of small businesses.

The project is aimed to pay particular attention to increasing employment in rural areas. at involving young people and socially vulnerable populations;
to promote the creation of jobs, diversification development and maintenance of economic activity.