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Šilalės rajono partnerystės vietos veiklos grupė

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Main ESI Fund: 
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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LAG manager: 
Teresė Jankauskienė
LAG manager email: 
Lokystos g. 36
75129 Šilalė
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LAG mission:
As a reliable, public and competent organization, we enable residents of the LAG area to benefit from rural development support in the simplest way, encourage the creation of cooperation structures for rural development actors, pooling resources so that support is perceived as efficiently as possible, long-term development initiatives based on sectoral partnerships, as well even activating the rural population, in order to reach the largest possible number of beneficiaries in support of rural development, so that support is provided for initiatives of the highest quality and value added value. By developing territorial and international relations with our partners, we seek to absorb good experience, carry out innovative activities through territorial and international projects, in order to maximize the value added of the LAG territory.


Priorities for local development strategy:

Diversification of activities and increase of employment in rural areas

Promotion of local development in rural areas

Cooperation and development of knowledge base in rural areas
Physical & demographic characteristics of LAG area:
Size of territory (km²): 
Municipalities covered: 
Bijotai, Bilionys, Didkiemis, Kaltinėnai, Kvėdarna, Laukuva, Pajūris, Palentinis, Teneniai, Upyna, Traksėdis, Žadeikiai
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Total LAG budget: 
€ 2 246 885