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Rokiškio rajono vietos veiklos grupė

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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Raimonda Stankevičiūtė-Vilimienė
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+37 045 8527 52
Respublikos g. 94
42136 Rokiškis
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Local action group of Rokiškis district – this is organization form based on voluntary work uniting people from non-governmental organizations, local authorities and business structures. LAG aim is to improve the quality of life in rural areas - to create an attractive rural environment and to promote of local residents social, economic activity and strengthen the sense of community.

Local action group of Rokiškis district (LAG) was created on February of 2007. An impulse for its occurrence was on 25th of January, 2007. In Rokiškis was a meeting with the representatives of Lithuanian ministry of agriculture and public institution of Utena region community fund, where were highlighted the Rural development process in the LEADER program and provided opportunities. 

On 18th of August, 2015 in conference-general meeting was approved the second local action group of Rokiškis district rural area strategy “Rokiškis rural strategy for 2014-2020”. The contract with the National paying agency was signed on 20th of September, 2016 (for 2 149 975 EUR).

Vision of LAG. Rokiškis region rural areas will become more attractive for its residents and visitors. Improved rural infrastructure and quality of life will grow and will develop competitive business. Local communities will strengthen public services and social enterprises. Traditions, customs, landscape, cultural heritage become objects of rural attractions.

Physical & demographic characteristics of LAG area:
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Municipalities covered: 
Kazliškis, Kamajai, Kriaunos, Obeliai, Pandėlys, Panemunėlis, Rokiškis, Jūžintai, Juodupė
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Total LAG budget: 
€ 2 149 975
EAFRD contribution: 
€ 1 827 478
National contribution: 
€ 322 496