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Kaišiadorių rajono vietos veiklos grupė

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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Janina Augustinavičienė
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+37 060 7638 00
Kęstučio g. 22
56121 Kaišiadorys
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Kaišiadorys district has an excellent geographical location - is not only one of the largest Lithuanian rivers - the Nemunas and Neris, but also among the biggest Lithuanian cities - Vilnius, the capital and the "provisional capital" of Kaunas. This assessment of our grandparents, ancestry, who also had their own ideas and some of their dreams or otherwise implemented.

Kaišiadorys district local action group unities 57 members, has chairwomen and 20 board members, by project "Local development 2015-2020 m. strategy” in Kaisiadorys district local action group general are 4 emplyee. 

Local development 2015-2020 m. strategy consist of 10 mesures: Non-governmental organization social business; Private social business; Community business; Community skilss training; Village modernize (Infrastructure and Heritage); Tourism support; Farmer development; Privat business development; Cooperation between organizactio in village.

The first national open call for preparatory technical support, Inter-teritorial cooperation (INC) and Trans national cooperation (TNC) projects, with available funding 300 000 euro was 2017 08 01 - 2017 08 31. 2018 years schedule: 2018 04 16 - 2018 05 16; 2018 06 04 - 2018 07 02 and 2018 09 17 - 2018 10 15. Maximum duartion of TNC project - 24 months. It is important that TNC and ITC cooperation are not integrated into the Local development strategy.

The main criteria: number and variety of partners, the main objective of the cooperation project - to seek EU's rural develompent priority; target group of the project. Eligible partners are rural and urban LAGs, FLAGs, Bi-sectoral LAGs, having LDS approved. Maximum ammount of the project is 100 000 Eur and support rate is up to 100 %




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Towns and villages: Žasliai, Žiežmariai, Žiežmariai, Kruonis, Nemaitonys, Palomenė, Paparčiai, Rumšiškės, Pravieniškės
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€ 2 550 932
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€ 2 168 292
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€ 382 639
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€ 0