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Asociacija ,,Šiaulių rajono vietos veiklos grupė"

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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Povilas Zaveckas
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+37 062 0356 00
Aušros al. 21
76299 Šiauliai
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LDS priorities and measures
I priority.  Establishing and developing businesses, creating workplaces and rising income.
1 measure. Economy and business development.
1.1. area. Support for development of non-agricultural businesses in rural areas (regulated by RDP).
1.2. area. Support for investments of renewable energy resources and development of efficiency.
2 measure. Cooperation
2.1. area.  Support for small operators in organizing joint work processes and share facilities and resources to carry out their marketing areas (governed by RDP).
3 measure. NGO social business creation and development
II priority. Social development encouraging the local population of community and social integration in order to combat social exclusion.
1 measure. Support of investments in small facilities.
2 measure. Trainings for local projects applicants and promoters, skills acquisition (in training related to the LAD means).
3 measure. Preservation of cultural heritage, the continuity of tradition



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Bubiai, Ginkūnai, Gruzdžiai, Kairiai, Kužiai, Meškuičiai, Raudėnai, Šakyna, Kuršėnų kaimiškoji, Šiaulių kaimiškoji

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Total LAG budget: 
€ 2 807 186
EAFRD contribution: 
€ 2 386 108
National contribution: 
€ 421 077