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The choice of integrated and participatory management of rural landscapes arises from the widespread awareness, at European and global level, of the needs of rural areas to have knowledge systems that can preserve the uniqueness of the landscape and the heritage (cultural, natural and cultivation) of these areas and exploit their potential in terms of tourism and food farming.
The local context in which the projects are going to operate is composed of rural areas, where the variety of assets can be an asset for the development but it must be managed through appropriate policies, methods and tools.

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The project arises from the need to develop knowledge systems that can safeguard the wealth of landscapes and cultural heritage, farming and natural and enhance its tourism potential.
The project therefore intends to compare the state of the management and policies of local development strategies.


To strengthen local sustainable development processes, LAG BATIR considers useful to start cooperation with other LAGs that have similar issues or complementary experiences.
The planned activities are:
 Study visits to the territories of partner LAG to deepen mutual understanding, to exchange experiences and good practices for rural landscapes;
 Realization of guidelines for the implementation of the integrated and participatory management of rural landscapes;
 Organization of information and communication event about the goals and results of the project.