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Kilkenny Universal Access for All

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Kilkenny Universal Access for All
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In the Kilkenny region, our ambition is to look at Disability by engaging with communities and business to make people more aware and provide practical person-centred solutions on developing better access for all people with additional needs. The anticipated outcome for our region is to see Kilkenny as a disability friendly region irrespective of the level ability. We especially what to focus on Kilkenny's tourism infrastructure - making this inclusive. People with disabilities like other low-income groups spend locally, if they feel valued they will repeat their custom which is the bed rock of any business. That makes good business sense which is good for the local economy and local jobs. Most importantly it is good for community.

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We see the potential of developing outdoor tourism products that can specifically cater for disability tourism. We will use Castlecomer Discover Park as a model together with other tourism projects across the city and region.


We want to promote the Kilkenny region as a destination for disability tourism.
Increase awareness with business owners regarding the potential market for disability tourism.
Enable Kilkenny to become more inclusive and integrated.