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Community Cultural Space
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We are located in a town of 25,000 people. We are interested in developing our theatre and community project in an existing building on a brownfield river side location in our town. This site is earmarked as a cultural quarter. We hope this project will create a community cultural centre focussed on young people and performance. The space will provide, expertise, facilities and resources for young people across our region, providing access to the highest quality cultural experiences and training opportunities.

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Our Local Authority (Municipality) has provided a property on a brownfield river side location and it is our aim to create a community focussed cultural space. This will be the first development on the proposed cultural quarter. It will ensure the proposed quarter remains relavant to our population, by creating an anchor for local cultural venues, organisations and activities, providing space and support for local community and cultural organisations, and by building relationships between local cultural practice and practitioners and relevant third level institutions.


Refurbishment of a disused building
Regeneration of a brownfield site into a new cultural quarter
Focus on viability and sustainability of the building
Diversity of activities in the space including community, youth culture and artistic pursuits.