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Cooperation regarding predation / pastoralism / tourism

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Cooperation regarding predation / pastoralism / tourism
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The objective is to focus on a sustainable and consistent management of large predators and what they involve (livestock guardian dogs and other protective measures), as well as on a consultation with all stakeholders and their activities (pastoralism and tourism especially).

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Espace Belledonne is an association supporting the project of Regional Natural Park for Belledonne, a mountain chain situated in the French Alps and shared between two areas (Savoy and Isere). In 2018, Espace Belledonne has started to organize a conciliation between human activities and wildlife.
In this framework, Espace Belledonne along with pastoral services of Savoy and Isere (FAI and SEA) is looking for partners throw the LEADER network.
The cooperation will be based on the following purpose : ‘Support a territorial collective intelligence, about the presence of large predators, with the aim of preserving human activities’. The case of the wolf in Belledonne.


The aim is to discuss about this subject and to share experiences:
- Consequences of predation on local economy
- Territorial organisation about predation (regulation, management, communication)
- Innovation / Experimentation.