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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local

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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local
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• Nearly 150 actors of the agricultural sector.
• Many of them comply with the European regulation on the organic farming.
• Livestock farming and meat sector holds a privilege place but it should not be forgotten :
Fruits and vegetables / cereal sector/ products of the hive / cheeses / oils.
• 30% of the territory's operators sell their products using short channels.

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Structuring and promoting the agricultural sector in short supply chains
The aim is to cooperate in order to exchange with other territories to set up short channels initiatives in the agricultural sector. The exchange with other territories should allow us to discover new forms, approaches and implementation of actions.
Likewise, participatory / collaborative economy will play a key role in the project. Indeed consumers need to understand issues of food education and food self-autonomy.


The following examples are examples only. Indeed, the purpose is to exchange know-hows and to study good practices of other territories :

• Vegetable and animal collective transformation workshops.
• Creation of collective points of sale of agricultural and artisanal products
• Assistance in structuring the meat sector in short channels
• Creation of short supply logistics transport
• Set up a digital supply platform for short channels for producers and craftsmen
• Group accompaniment and information meetings to professionalize
• Operation to promote local products
• Information meetings on the valorization of sectors in short channels
• Promote farms’ takeover
• Local composting operation