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A mutual valorization of wine tourism and exchange of best practices

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A mutual valorization of wine tourism and exchange of best practices
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Rural areas, not so far from a urban place, quite periruban
Natural landscape and biodiversity to promote
Wine tourism to promote

zone périrubaine
environnement et paysage préservés, zone de biodiversité
promotion de l'oenotourisme

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We are two LAGs for the moment, in France, to develop this project, one in the South of France, in Languedoc and the other in the west, near Bordeaux. The proximity to an urban area, Montpellier et Bordeaux for us, the natural landscapes that we have, with the wine quality we produce in our territories, are the main points we would like to share with project partners.

Le projet regroupe actuellement deux GALs, l'un près de Bordeaux et l'autre près de Montpellier. La proximité d'une zone urbaine, la qualité paysagère et naturelle du territoire, outre l'émergence d'un réseau de professionnels de l'oenotourisme, sont les traits communs que nous souhaiterions partager avec les partenaires.

Project idea summary: 

The aim is to promote the wine tourism and landscapes ouf our territories. In Pays Coeur d’Hérault, we have a label called “Wine and Discovering” to help us in this way. It allows us to create a community between winemakers, and provider in tourism ( sport in natural areas, accommodation restaurants…), to create packaging offers to wine tourists and their family.
We suggest a lot of activities, in that way.
We would like to go on throw this network, by creating a backpack rented for free by tourists. It could suggest a trip into wine tourism, by landscape and discovering activities (utensils for picnic, hiking maps, information about geology and environmental features… Content hadn’t been defined yet). Also a trip between cooperated territories is planned, to exchange between wine touri


We want to create a backpack with local handicraft if possible for content, with games for all the family, about wine, landscape, environment, biodiversity…) at first.
We would like to exchange between wine tourism professionals of their common issues by mutual trip.

Nous souhaitons créer un sac à dos avec un contenu provenant de production local autant que possible, avec des jeux pour les enfants, des informations de découverte du vin, du territoire et des paysages. Nous souhaitons égak=lement faire un éductour entre professionnels du réseau ( prestataires d'activités de plaine nature, hébergeurs restaurateurs et vignerons)